Who are we?

The SWAG-Team was founded when students from the University of Applied Sciences Zürich (ZHAW) participated in the first IGLUNA campaign in September 2018. Today, the team consists of seven third-year Bachelor students in Natural Resource Sciences and one System Engineer. 


Philipp Osterwalder

Environmental Engineer | Lab Scientist | Entrepreneur

Philipp founded the SWAG-Team in September 2018 and successfully built the prototype of the SWAG-System with former team members. His experience in the field, as well as his openness to criticism, makes him the perfect team leader. Next to his leadership role, he is responsible for the overall system, communication and sponsoring partners.

Remo Oberholzer

Environmental Engineer | Electrician | Entrepreneur

Remo is the technical specialist of our team. He has a broad knowledge regarding light and lighting appliances, electronics, programming and more. His experiences in the field are a crucial part of the team for taking final decisions. Moreover, he always finds a way to optimise the model.  

Edmée Perritaz

Environmental Engineer

Edmée is responsible for the website, communication and accounting of the project. Together with Stefan, she is also partly responsible for the experiments with different plant species and fertilisers.  With her enthusiasm for plants, she never lacks ideas and creativity to bring the team a step forward.

Stefan SChmutz

Environmental Engineer | Gardener

Stefan has a broad understanding of plants and fertilisers. He is responsible for conducting experiments with different plant species. His straightforward way of thinking and being a perfectionist makes him a great addition to our team.  

Samuel Beer

Environmental Engineer

Samuel is responsible for programming the sensors and making sure that all the measured data are being transfered and projected on a screen.  His experience in the field has been the perfect addition to our team.

Sarah & Michael Blickenstorfer

Environmental Engineer & System Engineer

Sarah and Michael are siblings who are responsible for the air managment of the system. With an expert in the IT field, and a specialist in system management, these two fill in the missing peaces of our team. They never lack ideas and bring our project forward. 

Lukas Berhard

Environmental Engineer

Lukas is responsible for some of the CAD model of the system. His skills are crucial to accomplish our project in time and to plan everything ahead. 


Life Sciences and Facility Management
Institute of Natural Resource Sciences


Prof. Dr. Ranka Junge

Research advisor

Zala Schmautz

Ph.D, Research advisor

Julian Hügly

MSc , scientific assistant

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