Preparing for Crowdfunding-campaign

Preparing for Crowdfunding-campaign

When will the campaign start?

In March, we will launch a Crowdfunding-campaign on the platform! This is where you and people who want to support our project can sponsor any amount within 30 days. We will aim to reach a total of at least 5000 up to 10 000 CHF. Furthermore, if you support our project, you will also not get out empty-handed. We will prepare some giveaways for our supporters. Let yourself be surprised!

Where did it take place?

For our campaign, we have filmed a fun little video with one of our partners, They came over to our beloved university ZHAW in Wädenswil for a shooting day.

What will it be about?

The content of the video will be about what the SWAG-Team itself and what it has been doing so far. Of course, we will also talk about our project and IGLUNA 2020. Everything had to be as perfect and professional as it could become with a low budget. That’s why many hours of handicraft work and planning of a sketch were needed. Finally, the shooting day could start at 10 o’clock and everything ran as planned: We were dressed in Lab coats and played around with plants, urine and moon soil simulator. After many hours, the shooting day ended at around 2:30 pm. We were all exhausted and tired, but happy with ourselves.

How long will the video be?

Our final video will be around 90 seconds long. The SWAG-Team cannot wait to see the first cut!

Thank you Crowdfunding-video! We had a great time.

The SWAG-Team dressed in lab coats while filming for the crowd-funding campaign
The SWAG-Team dressed in lab coats while filming for the crowd-funding campaign
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