Kick-off IGLUNA 2019/2020

Kick-off IGLUNA 2019/2020

At the beginning of September all the teams participating at this year’s IGLUNA met at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Some teams had already participated at the last IGLUNA and were familiar with the event. I was there the first time and I have to admid, that I was excited all along. The Kick-off event would last one week and we would get to know the other teams that had come from Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Netherlands and Spain. 

On the first day, Swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier was our special guest who told us fascinating stories about his missions in space and what humanity can expect in future considering space missions.

In the evening, we shared amazing moments with the other students from the other teams. We ate the traiditional Swiss fondue and then we built our own little rockets made out of paper and launched them with air pressure. Some of them failed to even fly some metres and exploded instead. But we did not despair and a paper rocket managed to fly up to 30 metres high and landed 20 metres away from the launching point. 

For our team it was also the first time we worked together and we could finally plan our project. It was intense to plan everything down to every detail, so that our project would get its first shape. But we were determined to improve our first prototype and we may even collaborate with some other teams.  

We are pretty excited how our work will progress. We will keep you updated. 

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