IGLUNA is an international project launched by the Swiss Space Center for student teams. It aims at supporting and accelerating the ESA_Lab initiative. 

The students work for 9 months on an international, interdisciplinary and collaborative project with the mission of demonstrating technologies to sustain life in an extreme environment for a space habitat. At the event in July, each team will present its project at a location which should simulate in some ways the environment of the moon. In the first year’s IGLUNA, the projects were presented underneath the ice of the little Matterhorn in Zermatt.


IGLUNA 2018/2019

In the event of IGLUNA 2018/2019, the SWAG-team built their first system. 

Our main idea was to grow plants with a simple aeroponic system. The veggies grew either in cups filled with a moon soil analogue and biochar or in a matrix that would stabilize the plants. Once in a while, the pump would then release a fog that would supply the plants from underneath with the nutrients required.The fog consisted of water and human urine as a nutrient supplier. 

testing plants with urine
Illustration from GrowBotHub

Collaboration with GrowBotHub

The SWAG-Team collaborated with another student’s team from EFPL called “GrowBotHub”.

The SWAG-System was placed into a carousel, which could be moved when the plants were ready to be harvested and then be collected by a robotic arm (Kuka) programmed by the EPFL group. 




IGLUNA 2019/2020

IGLUNA is happening again! This year’s projects will be tested on the peak of the mountain Pilatus in Lucerne. Moreover, there will be an exhibition in the Museum “Verkehrshaus” in Lucerne from where everything is monitored and remote-controlled.  

The SWAG-Team will be participating again, and it will bring back an improved SWAG-system. Come and see for yourself what we will have achieved. The exhibition will be open to the public from the 10th to the 19th of July 2020.