Crowdfunding, a big success

Crowdfunding, a big success

Our goal was to achieve 6000.- and we reached a sum of 10000.-. We are just overwhelmed about the success of our crowdfunding campaign that was running during the month of March.

We want to thank our supporters very much. Without you, we would not have achieved our crowdfunding goal. Crowdfunding was a big success. Only through your polite donation is it now possible for us to continue to work on our innovative vegetable cultivation system and our goal. This donation makes you not only a supporter but also an accomplice of innovative Swiss food and space technology.  

Through our participation in the IGLUNA Project 2020 we have realized that there is much more behind our idea than just a vegetable vending machine for astronauts. On our journey, we met people and encountered problems that we had never thought of before, but that our actions could connect people and provide added value for society is an amazing gift.  

It’s great to know that our project receives so much support, but it’s also unbelievable to experience that the whole team receives so much encouragement, motivation and enthusiasm. This encouragement is worth more than any financial support, because it keeps the fire burning in dark times. 

Due to the current virus situation, it would have been impossible for us to continue working on this project, as we belong to the Research Group Ecotechnology of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which unfortunately had to close down and switch to digital teaching due to government regulations. So, all practical work, experiments and development projects were canceled – except the SWAG project. Without the financial support from our family, friends and colleagues we were able to stick to our schedule, find a new place to work, order material and start to build our prototype independently.  

Bags, stickers and t-shirts with our logos are being sent to our supporters as gifts of appreciation. We hope our supporters like them.

We are motivated, networked and now financially well positioned to develop the first SWAG system prototype. Thanks to you our journey has only just begun! You will hear from us… 

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